Hotfingers – the Italian underground music label – got hold of the future club spirit as usual. Ralph Good, whose productions gain Top20 status at Beatport,  and Dave Kurtis, whose records gain popularity all over the world, make their next step together, combining their own unique skills. The result is the package of House/Tech-House tracks, all titled Sharlie Cheen –  each of them has its own character but all of them occur to be tributary to the main designation to Rock The Disco Crowd. Sharlie Cheen will be unleashed on the 14th of October 

Take a listen here: … ave-kurtis

Download here:

Feedbacks –
Adam K (Hotbox Digital)
Midnite Sleaze is the  mix here. Sweet main room filtered disco bliss.

Gabriel Rocha aka DJ PP (Toolroom/ Deported Music )
great ep   thanks

Darko De Jan (CR2/Hotfingers/303Lovers/Nervous/Soda...)
Very nice ep.. Love it

logical  (di meini, bacci e rocca)
grande vincitore

Tom Leclercq (Versuz essentials)
Ralph is always Good :), cool grooves and great disco gimmick! Midnight Sleaze really rocks!

Aga Heller (Bacardi Together Radio Show / Radio sunshine live Germany / Supr)
Very good! I love disco - so sure player for me!

Angel Stoxx (Hotfingers,Deeperfect,303lovers)
very nice ep.i like all mixes and the diversity between them.thnx

Lissat  (TOOLROOM/Hotfingers/Stealth/Spinnin/)

Etienne Ozborne
full support ! Winning mix for me !

Julien Vendaume
Great ! i really like this track (specially 2nd mix)

Really good

Hernan Cerbello / Dee Keepers
Great pack, thanks!